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i dream of your touch while you are away,

i dream of your smile all through the day,

i remember the day,

you came into my life,

i dream of the day i will be your wife.

(from macy - 08/04/2012)

you are my small world of happiness, you are my sweet moment, you are the one i love with all my heart

(from emily - 21/02/2012)

this year on the wedding anniversary card i’m going to give my husband, is going to be written i love you in 26 different languages, one for every happy year we’ve been together

(from maria - 16/02/2012)

i love you!!!

i can't do anything without you.

loneliness leads me missing

i am only thinking of you

please help me

every night i dream of you

you are my world

only thing i want most is


(from marc - 14/02/2012)

i am consumed by you, my dear love!

my heart beats just so that i can hear your voice.

you occupy all of my thoughts!!

(from sandra - 12/02/2012)

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